Scott Zielinski (websagacity) wrote,
Scott Zielinski

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Well, it felt like MN today. -8 deg F, wind chills from -25 deg F to -38 deg F. Not so bad...its a dry cold ;-)

Anyway, I bought my first balaclava. Its quite effective. Although a little troublesome with glasses. It'll come in handy, as I'm biking to work now. Not only is it cheaper (i.e., free) its FASTER than taking the bus. AND just about as fast as driving a car. WOO HOO. Only takes 20 minutes to bike to work.

Next, I'm going to get tops and bottoms that are similar - warming w/ the moisture wicking effect. Right now I just have a neoprene jacket. Effective, but, I ended up VERY sweaty :/
Tags: cold
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