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No Jinxes, Please

Things have been looking up lately. I just got my offer in the mail from my employer welcoming me to the firm as a permanent hire - and the amount list was over $1,200/yr more than I was making in my contract position - an unexpected raise.

My new dive computer, regulator and octopus are in the mail, and will most certainly be here in time for our dive trip to Cozumel. I found a BCD for a, in a couple of weeks I will be fully equipped.

I have a couple more cookbooks. I have a great arsenal of recipes now...which reminds me, I must search eBay for canners...preferably pressure canners.

And to top it off, my brother-in-life, John, has contacting me again! How wonderful!

I'm so elated, I can't sleep.

Ahh, such memories of:
John: (commenting on a joke just told) "...and the crowd explodes!"
Mw: (assuming he meant in laughter), "ha ha ha ha!"
John: (grabbing my arm, and looking at me with dead seriousness), "No! The crowd *literally* exploded."
Both: "HA HA HA HA HA!"
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