Scott Zielinski (websagacity) wrote,
Scott Zielinski


One thing that moving every couple of years has taught me, is that even though it doesn't seem that way - 2 years is a LONG time and A LOT can happen. Each one of the places I've live was like an entire lifetime. At the end of each one, I was a new, better person. Its enough time to build good relationships that you sorely miss when you have to go. But, on the other side, it *IS* a short amount of time. And although a lot happens, and a lot of growth occurs - its not quite enough to withstand the physical separation - only 1 friendship has endured since leaving Philadelphia.
It has also taught me just how important that face-to-face interaction is. I know I'm 30-something - but sometimes I really miss sitting in a garage, having a beer and mindlessly chatting about nothing. Its hard to find people like that. I had great relationships in the other laces I've lived, like the last place. They were a lot of fun to hang out with for birthday parties of the kids - but they weren't the type to hang out. A bit of a cultural difference there. So, its bee a long time since I've had the type of friendship to just hang out and be myself. I really miss my "buddies" in life.
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This means I gotta save my pennies and get us a plane ticket soon, you realize :D