Scott Zielinski (websagacity) wrote,
Scott Zielinski


Well, its been many MANY years. I can't believe how long its been. I've decided to start writing again - at the request of my Life Coach, John LaSota. It makes sense. Jotting stuff down helps put things into perspective. Helps to analyze. That's why they tell you to write notes in school - then rewrite them. That process helps.

So, we'll see where this goes, and hopefully have fun with it! I don't think anyone reads this anyhow. I was shocked at how many people that wrote back when I did (what, like 9 years ago?) still have recent entries. I wish I would have known or I would have kept reading!! There was no notify for new entries! :(

Ah well. I installed the Mobile App, so we'll see how helpful that is too.

Let's see, last post, I was in Minneapolis,MN. Since then, we moved to Las Vegas, NV, got married,a dog, pregnant then laid off as the economy tanked. We had to move and the house we built from dirt there lost over 2/3 of its value. Moved to Evansville, IN into a wonderful house and school district where we'd figure we'd spend many many years. We had our first baby and named her Zoë.

We decided on another baby and soon after finding out we were pregnant, the corporate offices moved to Chicago, IL - and we had to move...AGAIN. So off we went to Chicagoland, acquired another dog, and had another baby, a boy, we named Zachary (Zach).

In the process we lost 2 pets, Schmoo to pancreatic cancer - but he lived a LOONG 7 years. And Dante whom had a lifetime of illness. Both buried under the apple trees in our HUGE backyard in Indiana.

Oh yeah, we also both quit smoking several years ago.

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