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Had a weird dream the other night. I'm not sure how it started, but, I either found out the facts, or was seeing it first hand. I ended up finding out the truth about the afterlife. There was a heaven, but not like the xian one. It was actually very much life as we know it now - except you could do whatever you wanted, no pain/suffering, etc. It just had and air of being completely "free" - like being on vacation in the Caribean - forever.

Anyway, all religions were there, Jews, Hindus, xians, Muslims, pagans, etc. And everyone was getting along famously...almost. There was one thing that caused some issues. When some, usually more radical; or ones that just blew themselves up, Muslims died, and their souls were first entering heaven, the absolute shock of seeing ALL religious types in heaven, esp that Jews were there with them for eternity, was often a bit more than they could bear. Most would become hysterical - others would be pissed. They had to be taken to a special place to be acclimated. Fortunately, they had eternity to get acclimated; and since it was heaven, and it was their souls that were being dealt with, they came around pretty quickly...

I was forced to wonder why is it that some of these radical homicide bomber types would end up in heaven. It wasn't answered in the dream, but, the feeling I got was that judgment was based on intent. So, in other words, if you truly believed in the justness of your actions, and that what you were doing was good and right, that counted as you being a "good" person. This seemed to fit in that once you got into the heavenly afterlife, your whole perception changed anyway, and what mattered was the purity of your actions - as that's what would carry-over in the afterlife. Either that, or everyone went to heaven...I'm not sure.
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