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My bro! The crook nabber!

I found this on FOX news:

Escaped Convict Drops In on Cop's Home

An off-duty Gainesville, Mo., cop on Tuesday apprehended 18-year-old Walter Baker, who had escaped from the jail's recreation yard, after the fugitive ran through the officer's yard, according to The Baxter Bulletin.

"I just got the call and was putting on my stuff when I opened the door, and there he was," Officer Anton Zielinski told The Bulletin. "I ran out the door and ordered him to get on the ground."

Police nabbed 26-year-old Jeffrey Brooke, who had escaped with Baker, just hours later. Cops apprehended both escapees less than a mile from the jail.

Zielinski told The Bulletin that he hopes future escapees learn a lesson from Baker.

"If you escape, it's not very brilliant to come to my house," Zielinski told the paper.

"These guys really are dumb crooks," he said.

The not-so-great escapees will be charged with felony escape charges, police said.

— Thanks to Out There reader Sean B.
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